Our program values:

A clear step-by-step approach to brain retraining
Short concise modules. No long videos and quizzes
Accessibility, support and hands-on coaching
Community connection with live classes and forums
Holistic lifestyle and nutrition practices

Why Choose Wired 4 Healing?

Wired 4 Healing’s acclaimed brain retraining program is grounded in the idea of plugging into your body’s own powerful healing ability with our proven step-by-step guide to rewiring your brain with the support of a community of like-minded people.

As a Wired 4 Healing member, you’ll learn scientifically proven techniques that will encourage your body to rest, digest and repair, harnessing the power of your nervous system to heal your body.

For brain retraining to be truly successful, it has to become a way of living rather than a passive exercise. To ensure lasting results, our experienced coaches offer frequent weekly classes, user-friendly educational modules, a supportive community and hands on coaching to help you every step of the way to your own healing.

Healing comes from within.

Your Wired 4 Healing membership includes:

Simplicity . Support . Community.


Bi-weekly check-in calls with a Wired 4 Healing coach


Minimum of 3 live (and recorded) classes per week to be attended or viewed at your pleasure


Daily practice activities that we participate in together through our community app


Simple, user-friendly and holistic training modules


Social member chat platform and your own dedicated “healing buddy” to keep you motivated


Access to coaches through direct messaging


Monthly special guest experts for interactive classes and Q&A’s

What is Brain Retraining?

When our body is in a state of dis-ease, our nervous system gets stuck in the never-ending stress cycle of “fight or flight”, causing us to live in a chronic state of inflammation and illness. 

Brain retraining is a natural, no-risk practice that uses principles of neuroplasticity to coax your nervous system out of its chronic stress response and back into “rest, digest and repair” mode, allowing your body to heal. 

This holistic approach to treatment has been scientifically proven through a vast amount of research to help people recover from a wide range of inflammatory, chronic and mental health conditions. 

Our bodies are uniquely designed to heal themselves. Brain retraining gives the power back to the body, returning you to a vibrant state of well-being. 

“At Wired 4 Healing, brain retraining isn’t a casual practice,
but rather a way of living”
limbic training

Healing together as a community...

You’ll receive the hands-on education, accountability and support you need and deserve, from our tight-knit community of members and expert coaches.

Together we thrive! Wired 4 Healing offers you accountability and a supportive community.

Brain retraining can aid in the recovery from many chronic health conditions including:

Poor gut health (IBS/SIBO, leaky gut, gastritis, MCAS, histamine intolerance, etc.)

Chronic pain and other inflammatory conditions

Anxiety and Depression

Long-haul Covid

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

CIRS/mold toxicity

Psychotropic Drug Injuries

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

the voice of our community

How brain retraining helped Alexandria and what makes us different. We make things simple but also understand that success comes from building a daily practice.

Sharon Pilling

“I have been privileged to be part of the Wired 4 Healing program and community from the beginning. I was stuck in a rut for a long time and I’m truly in awe of how much I’ve learned and been able to accomplish with the tools they’ve taught me. I’m confident more than
ever with the path I’m on.”

Cammi Eklund

“The profound changes to my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing since joining this group have been truly astonishing. I’ve seen a lot of healing and gained a lot of confidence in myself in a short period of time.”

Dan Guenther

“I’ll forever be grateful for this community. In a short period of time, I was able to improve my gut after decades of feeling hopeless. It’s a tight knit community and everyone is helpful and welcoming.”

Wired 4 Healing

Stephanie Bills

“W4H has helped me immensely. I’m obsessed with our daily brain retraining exercises. The coaches and guest speakers cover a lot of different aspects of health and help make the process easy to follow. It’s a caring and supportive community.”

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